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Questions of the Week!
Linda said, I budgeted for 150 guest how many invites should I send out?
Hi Linda, thank you for asking. Rule of thumb is half, you should assume that each person will bring one person. Take into account bridal party, kids, and guest you know will have more than one guest.
Question of the week!
Danny asked, should I send invites to guests who said they can't come after they received the save the dates? Hi Danny, thanks for sending the question, etiquette says to send out an invitation even though they declined after they got the save the date. 

Question of the week.
 Robbie asked, Ceremony location and Reception Venue: Do they have to be close to each other? How far is too far??
     Hi Robbie, weddings today have moved outside of the church for convenience. I believe that anything over an hour drive is really to much. You really have to take into account your guest and how they would get around. If you have a lot of out of town guest, it might be hard for them to get around town. It would be convenient to have the ceremony and reception in the same place especially if it's at a hotel where most of the out of town guest are staying. Another idea is to have transportation for them if you do decide to have it in two different places.
     Now if all of your guest and mainly from the area it should not be a problem for them to travel to your big day. People understand and want to share this special day with you. Thank you for you question.