DIY Wedding Page

It's nothing like a DIY project to make your event your own. I have included some great finds around  DIY land. Keep checking back to see what we will have next!

drill a hole in a log, add a glass jar and you have a beautiful natural vase

DIY cake stand,  get small square vases from the dollar tree, fill them with any vase filler and lights. Get the glass on top from Hobby Lobby.

Simpler (and more cost efficient) than the typical "bridal" hangers. Perfect for keeping track of which dress belongs to which bridesmaid, and then a white bow for the bride's. Use a toothpick and white paint.

Put a piece of your wedding gown into a necklace to remember it later- or make for your daughter(s) to wear on their wedding day.

String Balls
Wind string around a balloon, cover with fabric stiffener, dry and then pop the balloon... pretty and cheap decorations!

Great for a Country Chic wedding!

Ties made from ribbon, for groommen's gifts.

The Giant Paper Flower

Lovely Popms

Fun Favor Boxes

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