Sunday, April 29, 2012

Think outside the box! Bridesmaid's dresses

     Bridesmaid's dresses have come along way form blue satin, with puffy sleeves. More brides are changing it up. In this pass season, brides have opted for fun and funky prints, radical stripes, and don't forget the floral dresses. We understand it's your wedding, and you have worn three of the ugliest dresses you have ever seen; but, think outside of the box. Instead of matching dresses, let you bridesmaids show their own individuality,  by choosing a dress in your colors, rather then be stuffed inside a ugly dress they will never where again.  When I think of a wedding I think fun, celebration, the best night of your life, let your bridesmaids feel that way to. When you look good you feel good! Here are a couple of my favorites.



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