Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bridal Show! For my DIY Brides!

     I was recently part of a bridal show. I had so much fun talking about weddings with all the beautiful brides. It's something about doing what you love to do for a living. I am so blessed. I remember as a kid looking in wedding magazines in the grocery store, of coarse my mom would not buy them! "Who in the world is getting married" she would say. I remember in college I would get bridal magazines sent to my house(I had my own money then). All my friends would think I was obsessed with getting married. That wasn't it, I LOVE WEDDINGS that's all.
      I set up some ideas to show different designs that I love. I got such a great response that I decided that I would do some tutorials on some of the items that we did for the show. Here are a couple pictures of the booth.  To see the video follow this link If there is a particular item that you would like for me to do please send me a comment.


               Click here for a tutorial on the centerpiece below

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