Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Say What!

     Signs are a great and fun way to entertain your guest! They are great conversational pieces, and also great for photos too. Here are a couple ideas I like.

You're engaged, now what! Part 1

     Get the news out! If the couple has any children they should be told first. Then the parents of the couple should know about the engagement next. Parents of the bride should be told first, and following the groom’s parents should be told of the great news. Once the parents are told, everyone else can know. The couple can start spreading the news between close family members and friends.  Some people prefer throwing a engagement party to spread the news and some people just call or email the news, I prefer to have a small dinner with close family and friends, it’s a great way for everyone to mingle and meet.
     The couple can also celebrate their engagement with a party, even if they have already informed everybody about the future wedding personally or through phone calls. The engagement can also be announced by placing an add in a local newspaper. Either way it's a grand celebration!

 Check back for the next part of You're Engaged, now what!  I will be explaining how to get started planning you're dream wedding.
V. Smith

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to choose a venue for your event!

     The Venue for your wedding is going to be one of the most important decision you will have to make during your wedding planning process.  I have included a criteria for you to consider to make the best decision for you.

The Cost
 Make sure the cost is within you budget.
The Location
Make sure it is easily accessible for  you and your guest. If you are not having the ceremony in the same place, is it close to the ceremony location?
The Theme
Make sure the over all look of the Venue fits your theme. Or can it be transformed without breaking the bank.
 Once you have a Venue in mind use these questions  to select your dream Venue.

What is the capacity?
What is provided  at no additional cost?
Is there a minimum?
Can you bring an outside caterer?
Can you bring your own alcohol and if so, do you need a permit?
Do they allow day before set-up?
What is you clean up time frame?
What's the gratuity?
Do they have a day-of-coordinator?
Are there dressing rooms? ?
If they provide cake service 
When is the final payment due?
When are final counts due?
Are there additional fees?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Be Inspired!

Planning a wedding can be fun but sometimes overwhelming. A great idea to decide on a theme is to construct a inspiration board. I have put together a couple ideas for you.

A really fun idea is a rainbow wedding!

Damask is classic!

Purple and blue with Peacock accents.

Culture Inspired.

All white, and everything nice!

A perfect pair!

Polka Dots!

Pink, Pink and more Pink!

Gerber Daisy