Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You're engaged, now what! Part 1

     Get the news out! If the couple has any children they should be told first. Then the parents of the couple should know about the engagement next. Parents of the bride should be told first, and following the groom’s parents should be told of the great news. Once the parents are told, everyone else can know. The couple can start spreading the news between close family members and friends.  Some people prefer throwing a engagement party to spread the news and some people just call or email the news, I prefer to have a small dinner with close family and friends, it’s a great way for everyone to mingle and meet.
     The couple can also celebrate their engagement with a party, even if they have already informed everybody about the future wedding personally or through phone calls. The engagement can also be announced by placing an add in a local newspaper. Either way it's a grand celebration!

 Check back for the next part of You're Engaged, now what!  I will be explaining how to get started planning you're dream wedding.
V. Smith

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