Monday, October 24, 2011


  I am so excited! Guests books are so interactive now.  No need for that book to sit on a shelf and collect dust. I have found great new fun ways for your guests to show you they were Present on your big day.

Here  are a couple ideas from

Your guest will sign your favorite bottles of wine instead of a traditional guest book, and on your milestone anniversaries you can drink the wine and read your guests' well wishes. What a great way to be able to reminisce about your wedding day, and have an eternal keepsake as well.

 Game playing card, have guest fill these out during cocktail hour. Beware after a couple of drinks things can get really wild!

This tree is a very fun and interactive way to get guest interested. Have guest fill this out and you will have this keepsake for a lifetime.

This is one of my forvorites.

This is such a great idea!


This beautiful message in a bottle is the perfect twist. Have your guests sign or write congratulatory messages on the designer paper sheets. After your wedding, role them up and tuck them away in the personalized bottle and seal with a cork. The bottle and stand make for a unique presentation at your reception and at your home. Take the messages out to read on your anniversary and then tuck them back in the bottle for years of safe keeping.


Rachel said...

I love these ideas. Im lookin for a unique idea for guest to sign in at my wedding. I hate that old book idea. I especially like the puzzle idea. Do you know where I can find a pic puzzle and how do I set it up at the ceremony/reception?

V. Smith said...

Hi Rachel, congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for posting. I found these on They start at around $90.00. It is some on there for $350.00 beware. I would set this picture side up. It comes with a card to explain the puzzle to guest. Guest can take a piece and write you a lovely message then put it in the container. I would use a vase or a box that matches the wedding theme. Have fun send pictures of the wedding. Good luck.

Rachel said...

Thanks a lot! I'll chk it out.