Monday, October 17, 2011

How to choose your colors for your wedding.

     Congratulations on your engagement! You’re excited and can’t wait to get started planning. Choosing the colors for your wedding is very important, which can be very confusing for most brides. You love purple, until your best friend from second grade complains that she will look like Barney! Easy fix, instead of purple being the main color it can be an accent color.  When choosing colors brides must take into consideration theme, décor, bridal party, location, and availability.
     I recently worked with a bride who was infatuated with the colors blue and white.  Her wedding was on the beach and the backdrop was the ocean, wow what a back drop! To be honest most couples choose blue for beach weddings. I let her know that blue would be washed out against the ocean.  My style is to coach not take over. We went along with planning and things were moving smoothly. I went along to help pick out dresses for the bridesmaids. The ladies begin trying on beautiful blue dresses. The color did not complement the girls at all. The bride was very disappointed with the outcome. The Maid of Honor could not find the dress she picked out in her color or size. This was my opportunity to turn this appointment around. I choose a beautiful corral color that complemented the ladies very well, and I knew it was a color that she really liked. When my bride saw the dress, she was very overwhelmed and decided this was a much better fit. Yes, we had to change the entire wedding but it came out great.
Here are a couple of tips to help choose the right color for your wedding.

·         Consider colors that your future husband and you like.
·         Consider colors that complement each other.
·         Consider the Venue.
·         Consider the season.
·         Consider the availability of the color in flowers, decor, bridal wear, and accessories.
·         Consider hues that will not only look good on your bridal party, but look good next to you as well, since you will be standing next to them in every photo.

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